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The Faydasıçok Foundation Continues Its Assistance to the Earthquake Zone

Faydasıçok Foundation established a library and a playground in the container area of European Turkish Residences of Kahramanmaraş Elbistan in cooperation with the Elbistan Directorate of National Education.

the Faydasıçok Foundation, which has been providing in-kind assistance to the region since the first moment of the big earthquake that affected our 11 provinces, has expanded its assistance to the earthquake region in the field of education. The Foundation established a library and a playground in the container area of Kahramanmaraş Elbistan European Turkish Residences in cooperation with the Elbistan Directorate of National Education and Elbistan Municipality based on the needs of students in the region for libraries, games, and social spaces. The foundation, which turned the container it provided into a library and the field tent into a playground, provided stationery, toys and educational materials needed by students with the support of volunteers because of a charity appeal made within the Hasçelik and Faydasıçok Foundation Jul. To provide students with access to technology, the library and the tent were equipped with technological equipment such as computers, tablets, projectors, and printers. The foundation, which does not forget university students in earthquake assistance and provides financial support to 44 students in the region after the disaster, decided to allocate all its scholarship quotas to university students in the earthquake region in the 2022-2023 academic year.

Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Faydasıçok Foundation Selcen Faydasıçok: “As a foundation, after our in-kind assistance to meet the basic needs in the earthquake region, we have taken rapid action to eliminate the shortcomings in terms of education. At the first stage, we contacted the Municipality of Elbistan and the Directorate of National Education to determine the needs of the region. We have determined that students need an environment where they can study, and students at the kindergarten, elementary level need play and social space. After that, we set up our container, which we converted into a library in the region, and our field tent, which we converted into a playground. With our library and playground, we wanted to meet the information resources that our children in the earthquake region need for their education on the one hand, and on the other hand, to contribute to their socialization by distancing them from the environment they are in a little bit. Another step of our assistance in the region with the scholarships we provide to university students, we aimed to ensure that our young people stay away from financial worries and focus only on their studies during this period. As a foundation, we will continue to support our young people and children in difficult times with our scholarships and personal development trainings to be by their side and support them to continue their educational life without interruption,” she said.