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Sedefteki İnciler Fellow Program

Sedefteki İnciler is an improvement program for female students who study in the engineering departments of universities to help them discover their potential, improve their skills, and reach their goals more effectively.

It contributes to the formation of a workforce based on diversity and gender equality by women improving themselves in the field of engineering, and to the economic and social strengthening of our country by developing in the field of science and technology.

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How Can I Participate in the Program?

  • If you are continuing your education in engineering departments of universities,

  • If you want to have a mentor to benefit from your experiences,

  • If personal development is more important to you than academic success,

  • If you want to participate in volunteer work by saying “I want to add value to the world I live in,”

  • If you are excited to be part of a great network,

  • If you have a dream to be within an ecosystem that believes in sisterhood,


Pearls in the Shell
Pearls in the Shell

Mentor Program

In the content of the program, our mentors inform the young talents about the latest information and strategies and guide them to improve their leadership skills. This program aims to focus on the professional development of women and equal representation in the industry.

Pearls in the Shell

Who Can Be Our Mentor;

  • If you are a graduate,

  • If you have been actively involved in business life for a minimum of 5 years,

  • If you embrace the mission, vision, and values of Faydasıçok Foundation,

  • If you can allocate time for the mentorship process voluntarily,

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Education programs that include 21st-century competencies and skills are being planned to contribute to young people the information, skills, and values they need to be successful.

Our academy training focuses on the improvement of the competencies that young people need throughout their lives and helping them become strong and well-equipped individuals on their way to success.
With the technical trips we organize, our students have the opportunity to observe and experience the sector closely.

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Helpful Jobs

It provides our students with the opportunity to experience different departments of Hasçelik’s before their business life and to determine the business field that best suits their interests and abilities. This way, students can take conscious and determined steps while determining their career goals.

This program allows a fresh start in the business world for young talents and adds more value to the industry while aiming to prepare students for the dynamic workplace and raise the leaders of the future.

Our internship support aims to prepare our students for a successful career journey by contributing to their careers, adapting to the business world, gaining sectoral experience and professional development.

Internships that are carried out in companies with which the Foundation cooperates provide students with an understanding of the dynamics within the sector and actual business world experience about their profession.

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Pearls in the Shell


The program offers our graduates the opportunity to gain sectoral experience and prove themselves in the business world by collaborating with companies to help them be employed quickly.

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Peer Mentorship

This program is initiated for senior students attending our development programs to guide English language preparatory year and freshman students. With this program, the goal is to help experienced students support the students who are new to the university by sharing their knowledge and academic experiences.

Peer mentorship helps students to adapt to university life quickly and gives them important tips on the path to success.

We have been supporting young people to take part in volunteering activities since the first day we were established, to spread social responsibility awareness, which is one of the most important values ​​of our foundation.

We aim to provide inspiring guidance to our students on the path to becoming social benefit-oriented leaders by helping them to take part in volunteer activities.

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Social Responsibility

Mentor Başvuru Formu

Mentor, gelecek nesillere tecrübeleri ile ışık olabilecek, yol gösterebilecek, bilgi ve deneyimlerini aktarabilecek rol modeldir. Sizde mentorümüz olmak için aşağıdaki formu doldurarak başvuruda bulunabilirsiniz.