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Faydasıçok Foundation was established in 2016 with our belief in the shaping of our country’s future with well-educated youth and our dream of contributing to this realization. Our aim is to support our young people financially with our scholarships while also contributing to their personal development.

Through the Eyes of Our Students

The Road to Success

Sinem Bayır

Faydasıçok Foundation Graduate

Through the Eyes of Our Students

For our graduates, we become not just a branch to hold onto but a tree they can flourish on. With the consciousness that the future will be enlightened by the youth, we are moving forward and working wholeheartedly for them.

Başarıya Giden Yol

Başarıya Giden Yolun İlham Veren Hikayelerini Dinliyoruz.

Vakfımızın Sedefteki İnciler Programının öğrencilerinden biri olan Azize Bilge Özcan; eğitim hayatını, Faydasıçok Vakfı ile yollarının nasıl kesiştiğini ve şu anki başarısında Vakfın rolünü anlattı. Faydasıçok Vakfı öğrencilerine verdiği önemli mesajlarla ilham kaynağı olduğu için teşekkür ediyoruz.

Azize Bilge, başarı yolculuğunun hayat boyu devam etmesini diliyoruz. 

Our Numbers Are Many

Faydasıçok Foundation blends our knowledge and experience with science to produce studies and projects. We wanted to share some of these studies with you.


Our programs increase access to educational opportunities by supporting our young talents.


We support our students in maximizing their potentials by providing guidance.

Volunteer Work

We enable our students to gain social responsibility awareness and contribute to society.


Young leaders who successfully complete our education programs and are prepared to make positive contributions to society and the business world.

Internship Support

We provide opportunities to prepare our youth for the business world. Through internships, we combine theoretical knowledge with practical experience, thus facilitating a more effective learning process.


With our various education programs, we aim to make young people more equipped in different fields.

New World Summit 2023

We will meet at İş Sanat Culture Center on October 21st of this year with the slogan “Goodness Exists in the New World.”

We Have Many News

We are experiencing the most up-to-date and exciting developments together. Don’t forget to follow us to discover the change we have created together.