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Scholarship Regulation

General Provisions

Purpose and Scope

Article 1-The purpose of this regulation is to regulate the principles of candidacy, application, acceptance, evaluation, allocation, and continuation regarding scholarships to be granted by the Hasan Faydasıçok Education Foundation to successful undergraduate students with insufficient financial means studying at universities.

Article 2– In this regulation;
Foundation: Refers to the Hasan Faydasıçok Education Foundation,
Board of Directors: Refers to the Board of Directors of the Hasan Faydasıçok Education Foundation,
Scholarship Committee: Refers to the committee determined by the Board of Directors to represent the Foundation among its members, volunteers of Faydasıçok Holding, and/or Foundation Managers.

Article 3– This regulation has been prepared based on Articles 3 and 4 of the Foundation Charter.


Types of Scholarships

Article 4- Scholarships covering students studying with full scholarships at state or private universities, which will be determined and announced annually by the Foundation in terms of quotas, amounts, and durations:

a) Within the scope of the “Pearls in Shell” program; it is the type of scholarship given to female students studying in undergraduate programs of Computer Engineering, Software Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering, Business Engineering, Control Automation Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechatronics Engineering, Metallurgy and Materials Engineering, Automotive Engineering, and Artificial Intelligence Engineering departments.
b) Within the scope of the “Trailblazers” program; it is the type of scholarship given to male-female students studying in different undergraduate departments of universities.
c) Within the scope of the Hand in Hand program; students affected by natural disasters, children of martyrs, disabled students and male and female university students under state protection can apply for this type of scholarship.

Candidacy and Application Conditions

1. Being a Citizen of the Republic of Turkey

Article 5- Only citizens of the Republic of Turkey can benefit from the scholarship program of the Hasan Faydasıçok Education Foundation.

2. Insufficient Financial Means

Article 6- It is essential for the student to acknowledge and declare that their financial means are insufficient to be eligible for the Foundation scholarship. For this purpose, each candidate must fully document the financial status of both their family and themselves.

3. Being Successful

Article 7- Foundation scholarships are granted to new students registering for preparatory class and first grade or intermediate grade students at the undergraduate level. Those who move from preparatory to first grade are considered intermediate grade students. The intermediate grade difference is not considered in distribution. The necessary success criteria for the allocation and continuation of the scholarship are given below.

Article 8- For intermediate grade students, allocation is made to candidates who have a minimum GPA of 2.5 out of 4 according to the relative grading system (Weighted Grade Point Average calculated for all semesters from the beginning of school) and who do not have more than one failed course in the lower year or semester of the regular education program.

4. Not Being Over 25 Years Old

Article 9- It is allocated to candidates who have not reached the age of 25 as of the application date.

Scholarship Allocation Process

Formation of the Scholarship Committee

Article 10- The Scholarship Committee consists of representatives appointed by the Board of Directors to represent the Foundation among its members, volunteers selected from Faydasıçok Holding employees, and/or Foundation Managers.

Determination and Announcement of Quotas

Article 11- The amounts and durations of scholarships are determined by the Foundation Board of Directors in accordance with the allocation allocated in the Foundation budget for this purpose.

Duration of the Scholarship

Article 12- Foundation Scholarships are generally granted for a period of 9 months starting in October. No payments are made to scholarship holders in July, August, and September.

Unless there is an extraordinary contraction in the Foundation’s budgetary resources, as long as the success of the student is determined according to the provisions of this regulation and continues steadily, the scholarship will continue until graduation without the need for the student to reapply every year. Scholarships are provided for a maximum of 5 years for students who start receiving scholarships from the preparatory class and for a maximum of 4 years for undergraduate education. The Foundation management reserves the right to terminate the scholarship at any stage of the scholarship process.


Article 13- Applications for the Foundation scholarship will be made through Every student who meets the candidacy requirements listed in the Second Section of this regulation uploads their Student Certificate, photograph, transcript, and personal information to the website in full.

Article 14- The documents required to be attached to the Student Application Form in the applications to be made are as follows:

b) Criminal Record Certificate,

c) For scholarship candidate students who have just started undergraduate education, a photocopy of the candidate’s OSYM Result Document and, if necessary, a document obtained from the University Student Affairs Directorates showing the success order at the entrance to the University,

d) For intermediate grade scholarship candidate students, as a success document, the grades obtained by the candidate in the last academic year or semester completed and the document showing the general grade point average of all courses, approved by the university,

e) In addition to these documents; presentation of title deed record, mother A4/ father A4 document, martyrdom document (not obligatory), lease contract, population registration document, disability document (not obligatory) is required during the interview. After the application documents are examined by the foundation, they are returned to the candidate. Candidates whose scholarship applications are accepted must sign a commitment letter.

Selection of Candidates

Article 15- The selection of Foundation scholarship holders is carried out in two stages. Applicants who apply via the website are ranked according to the rate of meeting the application criteria and reduced to twice the number of the scholarship quota. Then, they are invited to interviews by the Scholarship Committee. These interviews may be conducted face-to-face or via video call depending on the feasibility. The scholarship candidate must attend the interview; otherwise, they cannot receive the scholarship.

Article 16- Success and financial status criteria are considered in the awarding of scholarships. The Scholarship Committee ranks the candidates according to these criteria and prepares a report. The report of the Scholarship Committee includes the list of names, surnames, and success degrees of the candidates selected for the scholarship allocation in sequence, and the Student Application Form and its attachments of each candidate. The Scholarship Committee sends the report and its attachments to the Board of Directors with a letter within the month of October.

Scholarship Allocation

Article 17- The allocation of the scholarship to the student is made by the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors examines the situations of the applicants based on the records of the Scholarship Committee; if deemed necessary, it requests additional information and documents, conducts interviews, and makes the final decision.

Payment of the Scholarship

Article 18- The amounts and annual increase rates of scholarships are determined by the Board of Directors. The Foundation transfers the monthly scholarships of the selected students to their bank accounts starting from the beginning of October.

Conditions for Continuation and Termination of the Scholarship

Article 19- In order for the scholarship to continue throughout the education period, the scholarship holder must meet the following conditions:

a) In the transcripts of the summer term for the scholarship to continue, there should be no more than one failed course in the lower year or semester of the regular education program, and the GPA should not be less than 2.5.

b) In case of false declaration regarding the requested information, failure to submit the requested documents on