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Trailblazers Development Program

Trailblazers (İz Bırakanlar) is a developmental program aimed at raising university students from various departments, both male and female, into future leaders who contribute to society through education, internships, mentorship, and social responsibility projects.

This programme, with the support given to students, enable young individuals to become impactful leaders who can contribute value to the society and create benefits, ensuring them to step confidently into the future.


How Can I Participate in the Program?

  • If you are continuing your education in undergraduate departments of universities,

  • If you want to have a mentor to benefit from your experience and expertise,

  • If personal development is more important to you than academic achievement,

  • If you want to take part in volunteer work by saying “I want to add value to the world I live in”,

  • If you are excited to get involved in a great network,

  • If you have a dream of being in an ecosystem that believes in connecting,


Mentor Program

As a part of the program, our mentors provide young talents with the most current industrial knowledge and strategies and guide them in developing their leadership abilities. 

Supported by Hasçelik employees, this program offers effective guidance not only on students’ careers but also on their personal development.

Our educational programs that contribute to the development of 21st-century competencies and skills, are designed to make young people acquire the knowledge, skills, and values ​​necessary for their success.

Our academical educations focus on enhancing the competencies that young people can use throughout their lives, making them strong and well-developed individuals on the path to success.

Through the technical tours we organize, our students can closely observe and experience the industry itself.





Our internship support aims to enable our students to make a solid start to their careers, adapt to the business world, gain sectoral experience, and contribute to their professional development, preparing them for a successful career journey.

Internships conducted in collaboration with the foundation’s partner companies provide students with the opportunity to understand the dynamics within the industry and gain real-world experience related to their professions.

Since our beginning, we have been dedicated to spreading the value of social responsibility, which is one of the foundation’s core values, by supporting our young people to engage in volunteer activities.

We aim to provide inspiring guidance towards becoming socially beneficial leaders by enabling our students to participate in volunteer work.


Social Responsibility