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The Platform of the Useful Works Program is Changing!

During the pandemic process, we are continuing our programs along with our trainings on an online platform. The departments where our Useful Works program is carried out:

“Export and Foreign Trade Operation”

Önder Ekinci and Mustafa Adalıoğlu

“Sales and Project Management”

Koray Ayhan and Hüseyin Mahmut Özparlak

“Purchasing Management”

Ersan Tutepe

“Information Technologies”

Honorary Sengul

“Process and System Management”

Emrah Sarı

“Hot Rolling Production”

Mert Karakaya

“Bright Steel Production”

Erhan Row

“Quality and R&D”

Nevin Gulbahar-Batu Bali

“Marketing and Brand”

Murat Yildiz