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We are Growing with our Business associations and Stakeholders.

A cooperation agreement was signed between Mükad (Association of Women Engineers and Architects) and Faydasıçok Foundation.

It was decided to work together on joint projects that will contribute to the individual competencies and development of our pearls.

Nokia and Istanbul Technical University; in cooperation with our pearls “IP/MPLS Network and Services” certificate program 3rd and 4th grader Pearls participated. Our long-term work with Nokia on certificate program, internship, employment issues will continue, and we continue to contribute to the development of our Pearls.

Arçelik’s ’You are Engineer, you are with Us” project is a sustainable program that encourages young generations, especially women, to work in the fields of engineering and next-generation R& D, emphasizes the importance of R&D and innovation for our country and creates awareness.  Within the scope of our cooperation with Arçelik company, we contributed to the fact that our pearls have experience in the field of engineering by taking part in the project.