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We made our presentations at Bakırköy Anatolian High School and Kadriye Moroğlu Anatolian High School.

In high schools, we tell female students that engineering is not a male profession and the increasing importance of engineering with digital transformation.

We were in Bakırköy and Küçükçekmece on October 26th. Our Board members Selcen Faydasıçok and Gülay Faydasıçok talked about the Pearls in Pearl Project.

Faydasıçok Holding volunteers Özlem Sarıkaya, Tansu Türkan and Doğukan Sakman made presentations in which they explained how they decided to become engineers.

Yeliz Turunç, who has been involved in business life as a computer engineer for 20 years and works as an executive at Microsoft, and Sibel Soyak, a chemical engineer from the Technology Development Foundation of Turkey, co-presented the presentation.