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We Share in the Excitement of Our Graduates!

The Pearl Bridge, the new project of the Faydasıçok Foundation that we have implemented with Graduated Pearls, held its first event. The breakfast event was programmed by Pearl Bridge Member Relations Coordinator Büşra Arslan and social media and Brand Coordinator Mihli Nur Bülün.

We are developing our skills with various activities to be organized by our Alumni Club. We aim to learn new information by having fun. We continue to be a partner to the excitement of our Pearl Bridge members.

Our Chairman of the Board of Directors Selcen Faydasıçok shared the delicious San Sebastian Cheesecake recipe with our graduates in our event, which has a lot of love and fun.

Thank you to everyone who participated in this enjoyable program organized with the Pearl Bridge, our Graduates, our Graduate Study Group, and the Members of the Board of Directors!

We continue to make good memories and strengthen our ties.